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UT Service Desk

The UT Service Desk provides the university community with a centralized point of contact for help with a variety of topics, including questions concerning information technology, business processes, services, and applications. We commit to educating and supporting our customers, and one another.


Here you can:


How to Contact Us:

Call our support line at 512-475-9400

Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm

Saturday and Sunday, Closed 


Visit, in person, at our Walk Up Desk:

Flawn Academic Center (FAC) Lobby

Monday through Friday, 10 am to 7 pm
Saturday and Sunday, Closed

 The Service Desk observes all University Holidays.

UT Service Desk Self Help
  • UT Service Desk

    Support of UT services for the University community.

    Available to:Students,Faculty and Staff,Guest,Public

    Resolve, route, or refer incoming requests or incidents.


    Consulting with the UT Service Desk is available at no cost.

    Service Level Objectives

    Key Metrics Definitions

    ASA - Average Speed to Answer queued customer calls, measured in seconds. Our service level objective is answering within 45 seconds.    

    ABD - Call abandonment rate, measured as a percentage of queued calls terminated by the customer before connecting with an agent.  Our service level objective is a maximum of 7% abandonment.  

    CCE -Composite Customer Experience is a percentage derived from aggregate survey responses on service quality, ease of interaction and potential for recommending our service to others.  Our service level objective is averaging 85% in positive responses.   

    Total Contacts - Total number of customer touches by phone, email and tickets

    ...Links to Metrics data here... 

    Metrics in Development

    AHT - Average Handling Time per contact (minutes)

    FCR - First Call Resolution (percentage of contacts resolved by the UT Service Desk